Hybrid Apps: The Future Is Here

The use of tablets and mobile devices is increasingly becoming popular. There are more than 5 million Apple and Android apps and some new app marketplaces are also gaining momentum. In this exciting backdrop, we can safely say that the future of technology is here. However, there are some people who still think that we can’t dismiss desktop use completely and there is no need to rush ahead with mobile websites and web applications. So let’s discuss if the world is ready to go purely mobile or there is still a chance of reviving desktop use.

Hybrid applications: The solution is here

If you don’t want to go web or stay native, then the cross platform app development service providers can help you built the perfect hybrid solution. Hybrid mobile apps are basically native applications that embed a platform specific web browser control. Since all mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry have web browser controls embedded, it is easy to use these apps in both mobile as well as native applications. In fact, hybrid mobile apps give a seamless experience that makes it the best choice.

ASP.NET MVC is a great choice to build a neat framework for your backend. There are many web backend options available, but when it comes to hybrid apps, there is nothing better than ASP.NET MVC. This is because the MVC environment offers superior control over HTML output, so you can generate mobile-friendly HTML with ease.

When you have ASP.NET MVC, you can share most of the code for native and mobile app, only the view needs to be customized. It’s simple model works in alignment with underlying platforms so you can easily make AJAX calls or use jQuery on the client.

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